Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snickers's bloodlines

I'm curious about what Snickers has in his parentage, so I posted it online to see what people said.  I guess the basic idea is that there's a LOT going on in there!  Here were the most helpful responses:

I'm not the best, but I'm seeing some egyptian, if I am not mistaken. I really like Ferzon too (had a double Ferzon G-daugter that I love to bits). Gold N Ali is Fire An Ice's sire. Fire An Ice...there was a big hoop-la over him at one point as he is one of the really light (pali colored) chestnuts and there was question about his purity due to his color, I believe. Nice stud though. LOL. That's all the help I can be. I see some names that are recognisable, though I couldn't tell you specifics about individuals. 

Your guy has Mr Mc Coy in there. My gelding does too, but that's not really uncommon to have ancesters like that. There were widely used and popular studs being bred to everyone.

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Well, daddy is mainly russian-crabbet, mommy also crabbet/domestic with lots of Egyptian and even Spanish thrown in.
If I ever get my computer up and running I could post tons of this lifetime.....:-/

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Oh WOW! Your horse is a Gold N Ali grandson, a friend of mine used to own Gold N Ali!! He was such an awesome stallion.

Your horse has a lot of very well-known horses all over in his pedigree on both sides... sire's side I see a blend of Polish, Russian and Crabbet. Dam's side you have Egyptian, Spanish and Crabbet.

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