Monday, January 7, 2013

Possible instructor?

I've been riding since I was little and can hold my own pretty well on a horse. However, during my last two endurance rides, my horse came up with a sore back. Part of this is due to saddle fit and I'm riding in my best internet-learned half-seat on short jogs with him to keep him ridden. However, part of it is influenced by my seat I'm sure. I was never taught to post and I'm fairly positive I'm terrible at it and have been contributing to the back issues. I was raised riding Western and learned pretty much everything from my dad and only ever rode foundation QH's and one paint, but have realized his riding/horse philosophy and mine don't align with one another. For instance, my dad hates Arabs and I am quite smitten by the one I bought for endurance and for all the reasons he hates them haha.

I'd really like some lessons to take a second look at everything I'm doing. Since I need to post on our endurance rides due to the movement, getting that figured out is first priority. However, I firmly believe both my horse and I could use a little dressage instruction to give us a firmer foundation and learn to move and work together better. I've always wanted to learn English from an instructor (my sister tried to teach me a thing or two and that lasted about 30 seconds) and am currently using more English equpment than Western since it's better suited to endurance. Eventually, I might give eventing a shot if things go well and I enjoy it, but my heart really belongs to the endurance trail and I prefer that quite a bit to an arena.

Anyways, I did a quick search on instructors in my area. I would need them to come to my location since I want to work with my horse and don't have a truck and trailer. This instructor looked like a good option and is willing to come to my location for $25/hour. I have no idea what to be looking for in an English instructor, so I was wondering what you think? She does have a few pictures, so maybe you can tell how skilled of a rider she is. Over the phone, she seemed nice, and I'd probably do a lesson or two per month and then practice so we can fine-tune and continue to learn each time. Does she look like a "qualified" instructor to you?

Erica Webster: Listed in Horseback Riding Lessons in Nampa, Idaho

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