Monday, January 14, 2013

Bit test ride

I think we have a winner! Check out that foam! He ground his teeth a little every now and then, but stopped almost instantly. He was chewing and chomping and licking constantly. I wasn't too fond of him chomping on the bit (like actually getting the metal and being quite loud about it), and he gave me a few head tosses when I pulled up on him, but I think that's just him getting used to a bit again and matter of habit. He REALLY didn't want me to put it in his mouth when we began and stuck his nose in the air and clamped his teeth shut, so I think he's definitely got bad memories now from the previous bits and the sore mouth, so I'm curious if he's easier next time. Anyway, this looked really good to me, and I have videos I'll share once I get my hard drive cleaned up enough to fit them!


Here are a shots from last ride, when he had the stuff in his mouth. You can clearly see his pissy nose snarl, even though he wasn't opening his mouth. The nose shot with the new bit looks way happier!

The slobber turned out to be the clue that stuff was stuck under his tongue, causing the teeth grinding.

He actually has the new bit in his mouth in that first one, but he had the stuff stuck in his mouth and the ulcers :S

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