Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am woman, hear me ROAR!!

Yesterday, I sold the rest of my grass hay that Snickers was having troubles with.  The guy came and paid for it, but a lot of rain and sleet started coming down, so he said he'd come get it today.  I figured he'd call me when he was ready to come out, but around 4:30, as I was getting in the car with my beet pulp to go see my horses, Marri texted me and let me know he was there loading up the hay and was almost done.  Ok, well I guess that saved me from loading it!  Marri told me later the guy thought I'd lived there lol.  When I got there, he was coming out of the gate (good timing - I didn't have to open it!) and he'd loaded ALL 36 bales (I did my best to count and estimate how many there were, and I was right on!  >proud of myself<) onto the bed of his pickup.  I guess it's a good thing he wasn't going far!  Lol I hope he made it ok!  And I'm SOOO glad the hay is gone!

Since I was trying to sell that hay, I'd kept it covered so people would want to buy it, and my hay hasn't been covered.  That wasn't a problem until yesterday, when the world suddenly started melting and a puddle formed around my hay and then the rain/sleet was coming down.  I wasn't too happy about my hay being exposed to all that.  However, now I had all my 6 pallets and the tarp free to use on my hay.  Only thing was.... I wanted to get the top bales down to use first, as well as the bottom bales sitting in the muck.  Since it was just me, I figured I'd just get the top bales down and then cover the stack as-is, and worry about those bottom bales later.  Everything in the middle should be fine.  And the tarp was big enough to cover it all.

So then it began.....  And I got a little carried away...  And ended up moving the bales from here:

To here:

And those bales were HEAVY!! I definitely think I got my money's worth!  I didn't count how many I moved, but I think they're easily around 90-100lbs each.  There were a few I couldn't even lift.  Of course, those were toward the bottom, so I was also pretty spent.  I'm pretty proud of myself :)  Now, the bottom bales are exposed for feeding next, and then the top bales are on the far left without anything stacked on top of them to feed after that.

Then, I started untangling the tarp from itself and pulling the tires off.  About this time Marri came out and asked me if I needed help with the tarp.  Gladly!  She even put one of my heavy bales that I couldn't lift and was on the ground back up on the stack to keep it good and dry.  The tarp is HUGE!!  We pulled it over to a clear area and spread it all out, then folded it in half, and finally pulled it over the stack and secured it with the tires.  Marri said now that the COLD cold is over, the wind is coming next!

I sure hope they're happy!  Definitely a labor of love <3

PS - if anyone ever says that owning horses doesn't count as exercise, send them to me :P

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