Friday, January 25, 2013

Beet Pulp Attack

This time ON me!  Since I've been subbing, I've been setting my beet pulp mash up to soak in the morning, leaving it in my car all day, and then delivering snacks to the ponies after work.  However, due to the freezing rain we received, I started off today with a nice little slip and spill with beet pulp mash ALL OVER me!  At least it was warm I guess.  I ran back inside and changed, then was on my way to work with the lovely bucket of beet pulp.

At least the ponies were happy about getting it today!  I picked out their feet while I they were eating - I've been trying to do that as often as possible to keep their feet healthy and to get them (particularly Flash) better about letting me/Beth work with their feet.  I am still itching to ride and haven't had the chance...  Too cold/inversion/too slippery/sick/etc.  Maybe tomorrow?  I hope so!  And I hope this saddle comes soon so I can ride in it!!

**Pictures coming soon**

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