Saturday, December 29, 2012

Possible solution?

Well, I sold my single-jointed snaffle (I have another one I like better somewhere...) and bought a French Link with the money. At worst, I'll be out the $5 difference. Here's what I got (already attached to my bit hangers for my bridle). 

I'm nervous since we've had so many issues, but I'm hoping it'll work out. Otherwise, I'll test out my friend's Myler and maybe even a mullen mouth. The lady at the tack shop suggested a Sprenger bit, and they're even more expensive than the Mylers. Anybody with experience with these?

This was the only affordable french link I could find (most people around here ride Western, so anything English is hard to get any options with), but I think it might be too thick. It's still a good bit to have regardless, so I won't regret buying it either way.

I guess we'll see how he reacts to it tomorrow, but there's barely any room in that mouth so I don't know if the thickness is going to be a problem.

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