Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Presents!

I got spoiled 

My husband doesn't ride horses, so he's not very well versed in the selection of horse-related gifts, which is all I want of course. So.... I have the never-ending wishlist on Amazon where he can simply click on the item and it takes him to the website where he can order it!

He really outdid all my expectations this year, when it has been bitter cold and wet. I got:

- Polar fleece Irideon balaclava for keeping my face warm and fits under my helmet
- Extreme winter gloves from Heritage, waterproof
- Ariat waterproof work/riding boots!!

All of which I tested today in the blizzard while I brought 4 horses in, fed, broke and scooped out ice, secured all doors, then fed 2 more horses, gave nutrients, and checked blankets, taking about an hour. I have never enjoyed my chores in the winter so much 

Plus, I got myself one gift: a rain coat for riding that is made to work with the saddle (which I've wanted since riding the last 13 miles of an endurance ride walking in a dounpour this summer). I'm going to be cozy, dry, and warm!!

Read more: http://www.horseforum.com/horse-talk/christmas-presents-147660/page3/#ixzz2J3LYS79x

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