Monday, December 24, 2012

Soaking beet pulp...

To keep my boy hydrated, I give him soaked beet pulp. I havent been able to lately, but I'm starting back up again, especially with the cold weather and needing to make sure they get enough water. I board, so I decided to put it in my largest water bucket, add water and soak it in the morning, then take it out to him and my other horse in the afternoon. Around 8 this morning is the first time I did it - put about 5 coffee cans of beet pulp pellets (total for both horses) in the bucket (which made for about 2 inches deep of pellets), added 2 coffee cans of triple crown, and then added warm water in the tub for soaking. I checked it periodically to see if there were any hard pellets and added water accordingly. It's just past 11 now, and this is the monster I found in my tub.
I think I'll cut the recipe in half from now on...

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