Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stalling Snickers

Honestly, after all the bonding we've been doing, Snickers is like a whole new horse, and I think it's because I'm a "safe" person that he's comfortable and patient with. Right down to the way he leads with his eyes and ears on me, head lowered and relaxed (as opposed to swinging his head high to look at everything, dancing around, and whinnying for his friends), he acts comfortable with me. Yes, we still get the occasional whinny, but then his attention is right back on me. And guess what? He enjoys just standing there and being brushed! We lunged in the round pen as a warm up/exercise the other day (since he's in the stall), and his ear was on me, paying attention, and definitely not looking for where his friends were. I think being in a stall has also helped, too, since I'm his buddy now and he's not so concerned with the other horses. I'm so happy with where we're at :)

Here's the ironic end to this little incident - though I think (though I wouldn't say I'm confident) I could catch him in the pasture now, the stall is going to be a permanent move. I finally went and got the supplements I need for him to get into shape for endurance, and it would be impossible to have him eat/drink them in a pasture situation, especially boarding. One of my worries for him being in a stall was that he would have too much energy, but as I mentioned above, he's more calm and relaxed than ever. So now the stall, and the two new buckets of supplements I hung up in there today, are his new home!

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