Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snickers' weight

Since moving to the stall, Snickers has lost a lot of weight.  I don't like how his hip bones stick out and, comparing his pictures from before I got him and even when I got him, he hardly looks the same.  I've been trying various things and talking to people about how to get it back up.  Janet at DA suggested using DAC in my buckets of food as well, but I couldn't find it at the Horse Expo.  Plus, there's so much in his buckets already, I wouldn't want to overload him with nutrients and whatnot.

I was thinking it might be stress.  The weight loss was really obvious after our incident with having to rope him.  Since then, he's calmed down quite a bit in the stall as well as out with me, so hopefully he'll start to bring his weight back up.

He's been getting extra food from the feeders (I think it's 3 flakes, and they feed 2x a day, so 6 flakes total), as well as my buckets of food.  I'm being somewhat more generous with the beet pulp now and have always been with the alfalfa, so hopefully that'll get a little more in him.  He's an excellent eater, with all his food gone within an hour or two, including his buckets.  I never see any hay left on the ground.

I wormed him (and Flash) with Ivermectin shortly after I got him, but I went ahead and wormed him again just in case.  I think it was Zimectrin - either way, it's strong stuff and should take care of just about anything in there.

With all the rain, he's also gotten a bit more of a break instead of putting miles on, even though he's been in the round pen and arena.

He's looking like he's put a little more weight on, but I'm really waiting for that rump to fill in.  His belly is looking good though.  It's just that bony butt of his that bugs me and makes him look very awkward.  He's still doing good on his workouts and is very alert, but we'll see where he goes from here.  Maybe it will just take time.....

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