Sunday, April 29, 2012

Horse Expo

On April 22, I volunteered at the Diabetes Ride booth, shared with SWIT&DR, at the Horse Expo.  I let them borrow my computer and monitor to show videos from the rides and a slide show - it turns out I probably should have been there from the beginning because I had to work out some technical stuff to get it to work smoothly, like turning off the sleep feature and putting the video on loop.  It went by pretty fast, especially since I got to wander around and look at stuff.  I wanted to find some DAC to help with Snickers gaining weight, but didn't see it. Instead, a booth selling rope and books on how to make your own halters caught my eye, and I got a lot of info.  I also got in trouble taking pictures of the decorative knots done on the nose, which weren't in the book, so that I could replicate them.  The guy said pretty sternly that I really should ask before I take pictures, but let me continue to take them anyway.  Meh, I bought $60 worth of rope and books on how to make the halters for Snicker and Flash, so I think we're good.  The halters were pretty easy and fun to make (of course, I'm the little girl who made all those friendship bracelets years ago, so I'd love this!) and I've received lots of compliments for them.  I'm going to try to make custom halters for people around here if I can get enough intrest.  That would be a fun thing to do to make money :)

I got to talk to a lot of the other SWIT&DR people, including Sandy's husband.  Turns out, there are a bunch of rednecks out further east of Dusty Acres, where I haven't made it to just yet, that will shoot first and ask questions later, so I'm going to have to take a little extra precaution if I do venture any further.  He basically said I needed to make sure I don't go through any shut gates out there, and avoid areas where there's any Confederate or US flags hung upside down.... weird.

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