Sunday, April 29, 2012

Naked Flash!

So Flash's fluffball of hair kept on shedding and shedding, with hair going EVERYWHERE and getting all over EVERYTHING (one time, Trevor even saw a hair on the table while eating dinner lol).  Of course, this did *wonderful* things for my allergies.  I really didn't see brushing him as any solution because I couldn't do it very long and never seemed to make much difference.  So, after seeing Crystal shave her horses out at Dusty Acres, I decided I was going to shave my snowball of a horse.

I borrowed my dad's clippers and bought some oil for them and I was off.  When I first turned the clippers on, Flash was quite weary of them and backed off.  However, I had my trusty clicker handy and ready, and after a click or two he was ready to go.  He stood really well :)  Unfortunately, the clippers stopped working 2/3 of the way through my horse!  It was really stressful because I didn't want to bring broken clippers back to my dad and Flash looked quite ridiculous.  However, deciding it must be a dull blade, I had to put him back and come back the next day.  This whole ordeal prevented me from riding, unfortunately, and it resulted in a pretty frustrating day :(  I had Snickers tied up the whole time, which was a couple of hours, to teach him patience.  He seemed to calm down after a while, though got all excited again as soon as he saw Flash walk by.

So then the next day I picked up a new blade ($40! but dad is going to pay for half).  It worked wonderfully, and soon I had a naked horse :)  His hair isn't THAT much darker :S (I was hoping for a horse that looked more like a palomino when I was done), but it's getting there.  You can see darker spots where he's had his nips and whatnot, so I know it'll get darker.  It wasn't a very pretty job shaving, as Trevor pointed out, but it's functional, and I got his bridle path done as well (I didn't bother trying to work on that with Snickers...).  The next couple of days were going to be in the 80's and even low 90's - I believe we set a few heat records - so I'm glad he got all that hair off.  Unfortunately, our wonderful Idaho weather dropped down to have lows in the 30's the following week, but he's ok.

Well, I don't sneeze anymore!  And he does seem to be a bit darker now, as his coat is growing out.  It can only get darker from now.  But I'm so glad I don't have to worry about all that hair anymore :)

Before I shaved Flash:

Halfway done:

My blade went dull!!

Back in the pasture to try again tomorrow....

Day 2 (before):

After!  All done!

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