Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Update


Just a quick update - today I turned both of my horses out into the arena as soon as I got there, greeting Snickers with treats and giving him one when I left him in the arena. I went and took care of some things, then went back to the arena calling them. Guess who came to meet me! Snickers actually beat my colt to me, which resulted in much treating haha. I walked away, and Snickers kept his attention in me and followed me, even though my colt took his time. Snickers was the first to me every time! After walking away, having him come up to me, treating, catching, and treating him again a few times, I left them alone for a while. When I came back, he came to me again! This time, I didn't treat him until after he was haltered. He backed up a few steps, but I he was trying to keep his attention on me, I think, rather than get away. I just had to move around to his side and tell him woah. He didn't walk away from me at all! After all this, we called it a day, especially because it was quite windy. While I was waiting in between sessions, a new boarder came that the owner of the property asked me to watch out for, and she moved her GORGEOUS friesian into the stall next to Snickers to stay in for the first few days before he gets turned out with the other horses. I got along with the lady quite well and we're both going out there, so we're going to turn her horse out with Snickers and Flash tomorrow morning while I practice catching and releasing Snickers. I'm excited to see how it goes with another horse tomorrow and am very happy about the bond we are forming!

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