Friday, February 24, 2012

A week off

I haven't gotten to ride since Monday and I don't think I will until Sunday so the boys are getting a week off. I've been at an out-of-town work conference since Tuesday morning and will finally get home tonight around midnight. I have horse lessons all day tomorrow and then the SWIT&DR banquet, so I likely will not see the boys until Sunday, even though I have a lot to do then as well. It's been a tough week because, not only do I not get to work with them which I have done almost every day for the last couple of weeks, but also because Flash and I left off on a bad note and I still have his raw lips in the back of my mind and hanging over of my head. However, I now have a lunge cavesson and a surcingle on the way to redo the ground driving. First, we're going to take some steps back and work on renewing the relationship and eagerness he had with me before. Once we're back on track, we'll move into ground driving with just the cavesson and surcingle, and eventually add the bridle and bit back in, but not for a while. I'm excitd to get him working again and making progress. And having a better relationship again like we were having before. I left a message on the group for Dusty Acres for someone to please check on Snickers and Flash, and someone from there messaged back as well as Steve, the other owner, who said I could just text him. I did yesterday and he texted me back today to tell me they were fine and the winds we were supposed to get yesterday never came. It feels good to know my babies are in good hands :) I've been very happy with Dusty Acres! It'll be cool to go to the banquet tomorrow and meet everyone in SWIT&DR and see all the awards and achievements for last year :) I've eaten out at this conference all week, so we'll see how the dinner works out, but oh well. It should be good :) Can't wait to be home and see my boys (incuding Trevor!)

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