Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I finally got to bring home Snickers - yay!  I met Barb at Phantasy Arabians at noon and got Snickers all ready, then she loaded him up and followed me to Jill's house!  He seemed pretty excited to be there.  I led him in and let him go!  Cowgirl, the mare there that always picks on Flash, started doing something interesting - she wouldn't let Snickers anywhere near Flash....  In fact, she was so preoccupied with keeping them apart, she let Flash alone to eat.  I guess that was nice.  Either way, I spent about an hour watching them.  Flash was kind of wound up and kept whinnying at my family's horses in the other pasture.  Cowgirl took a couple of opportunities to back up to him or chase him off, but one time when he was eating she threw a kick at him and he kicked back harder.  Neither of them hit each other, but after that the dynamics changed and Cowgirl seemed to cede to Snickers.  Other than that, he ran around a bit and explored.  I was a little worried since he hasn't been out in a pasture free to roam.  If he was out, it was when he was worked or on the hot walker.  However, he was having a lot of fun running around it seemed and was slipping quite a bit, but he seems to have figured out that's a bad idea.

Of course I was a worried mom all night, but when I got over there this afternoon he was doing great, albeit a bit dirtier.  And, when I fed them, Cowgirl came to get the first bite but ran off with it as soon as Snickers approached.  He didn't have to challenge her!  It seems that he's the top now, with her in the middle, and Flash is still at the bottom.  I even got to pet them both at the same time without anybody chasing anybody else off - I think Cowgirl is afraid to challenge Snickers where he wants to be, but won't challenge me, so I got to have them both next to each other for a moment :)  I had homework and met with Naomi from SWIT&DR for the first time, so I didn't get a change to work with them, but it made me feel good to know they're both doing ok there together.  Tomorrow I'll have to bring Snickers over before lessons and ride him.

Speaking of Naomi, that meeting went really well.  We talked a lot about endurance and I got some questions answered, but mostly it seems like she'll be a really good contact to have in the club.  She owns Wild West in downtown Eagle and I really like their food (I didn't realize it, but I'd been there once before with my mom), plus she gave me a hot chocolate on the house!  She's very nice and I can tell I'll learn a lot from her and other people in the club.  Her friend (Rae?) lives really close to my parents and sounds like will be a lot of fun to get to know and ride with as well.  Naomi even mentioned we might be able to work out a deal for Snickers and Flash to move to her place - which would really make me feel better about them being somewhere where someone who knows horses will be keeping a good eye on them.  Plus, then I'll be able to ride with her right from her house (you can even get to the foothills)!  I'm excited to get to know more people from SWIT&DR - so far the experience has been amazing!  I think I'm going to go to the banquet at the end of this month just to make an appearance and meet more people.  It'll also be good to see all the awards and what the club is all about (kinda) :)  Yay!

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