Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stuff for endurance

So now I have a saddle.....  And am compiling a list of everything else I need for endurance!  Here's what I've got so far:

By the way, I think my first race will probably be the one at the end of June, so a lot of these things I have a lot of time to work on.  If I get my Piano sold, it will pay for all of it.  If I get my saddle sold, it should pay for a little less than half, so that's what I'm planning on doing.

Store: Legacy Feed and Fuel (corner of Meridian and Victory) - talk to Shelley and mention I'm the one who bought Snickers and that the stuff you're looking for is for endurance.

Things I need in order of how soon I need them...

Needed ASAP:
1) Stirrups: E-Z Ride Stirrups in Brown, Nylon ones should work ($75) - (second set)

Needed over the next month or two:
2) Bridle and reigns (probably sold separately): I haven't decided what I want yet and should probably get these myself.  I'm leaning toward a halter/bridle combo with rope reigns. ($75-100)
3) GPS: Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver ($120, Valentines?) - (I can order these through Melinda's account and have it here in two days)
4) Heart Monitor: I want to verify with some people at SWIT&DR which one will work best for me or at least adequately.

Needed by May ish:
5) Girth Strap: The lady at Legacy Feed and Fuel will know what to suggest, either fleece lined or leather ($100?)
6) Pad: Again, the lady at Legacy Feed and Fuel knows which to recommend ($150)
7) Breast Collar: I just need one of these before I go on my first race likely so I don't slip back on him during a long ride over hills and whatnot.  Not very urgent.  ($60)
8) Straps (for stirrups): Ones that are thin or a single loop so they don't press my saddle into my thighs - you may want to take my saddle with you ($50)

Before my first race:
9) Saddle Bags: A cantle bag (back of the saddle) that will carry a water bottle and supplies ($30?)

Some other stuff I may want to get:
Leg splits?  I don't know if I'll need them, but maybe?
I'll add more to this list once I'm able to sit down and talk to some people at SWIT&DR haha

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