Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flash the colt

I worked with Flash for the first time in a week or so yesterday (I've been working with Snickers so much I haven't had time for Flash), and it really showed.  In fact, just on the walk over he was fired up and tried to buck and kick on the lead.  The first time we were still at Jill's house and I ended up just letting go of the rope.  I think he actually kicked my hand, but I barely felt it and it didn't hurt.  After I let go he just stood there and I picked up the lead again.  Then, out next to the road, he decided to do the same thing, but I just held on firmly and waited until he settled down.  At least this time he set back against me with the front end rather than going away from me and giving me the back end haha.  Once I got him back into the round pen, he settled down really nicely and we mostly just lunged a little.  After that was when I discovered the ticks, so that was the remainder of the evening.  While picking out the ticks, he just stood there quiet, obedient, and friendly, and then was very well behaved all the way home.

Today he was still very well behaved when I led him to and from may parents' house, so it looks like his good ol' gentle personality is back.  Guess it just goes to show I do need to consistently work with him, if just to keep him nice and behaved.  He's doing a lot better lunging and responding to the cues to lope, but he gets a little annoyed after a while I think and doesn't do as well.  That's ok.  He's a little rusty on leading as far as position and space goes, but still trots right along with me and seems to remember somewhat where he's supposed to be.  I didn't bring the clicker or treats with me leading him back and forth, though, so he's doing pretty good following directions without them!  Smart horsey!

Now that Snickers is going to be at the same pasture, I'll have time to work with both of them.  My priority is still going to be Snickers because I have things I need him to be doing now and Flash really needs to grow up still before I need him to do a whole lot more, so that's what I'll focus on for now.  I really need to get some longer, like 10', reigns so I can start driving him, though.  I really think that's our next step in training, as well as a bit of a refresher on his other skills.

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