Thursday, February 2, 2012


Snickers is bridling like a pro! Yesterday, we did a good soliD clicker training session. The first half, I worked him from accepting the bit into letting me put the headstall on completely. The second half was simply putting the bridle on and taking it off over and over. Didn't ride him, just wanted him to focus on the bridle - now he puts his head nice and low, accepts the bit, and doesn't move at all when I tuck his ears under!

Today, though, was the real test. I intended on riding, so I pulled him out, tied him up, saddled up (I have more to write about the saddling but that's another post...), and then put the bridle on like it was nothing... And it was! I don't want to say he is completely over it - I'll want to see him respond just like that for a week or two with consistent riding to declare that - but he's definitely on that path. Yay!

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