Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome and hello!

Well, after many posts and updates in horse forums, I've finally decided to start a blog for my horse experiences.  I originally was inspired to do an endurance riding blog about my experiences with my new horse Snickers, but I figured why not include all my horse experiences?  So here goes!

First, I must introduce my baby Flash, a 20-month-old AQHA-registered quarter horse and my very first "official" horse, not including the ones I grew up on.  He's 13.1 hands at the moment, but apparently may reach 15.1 hands when he's done growing.  At least, that's what the previous owners told me and a few other breeders tell me wouldn't be unreasonable to expect, but we'll see.  He's a cute little pony-sized fluff ball right now.  He's a palomino, but with his winter coat looks white to an untrained eye.  He's got symmetrical white socks and fetlocks and a cute little blaze.  Having a background in psychology (my B.A. is in Psychology and Spanish), I thought I might give clicker training a try with him, so we began within days after I brought him home and he took to it like a duck to water!  He's a VERY eager learner, always trying to please me... and earn some treats!  Sometimes he's pretty funny to watch as he gets creative, and it challenges me how to communicate to him what it is he needs to do to earn the click!  In fact, he's begun nickering when he seems me and especially after he earns a click when he REALLY gets it and is earning treat after treat!  He's learned so much so fast that I'm giving him a break to grow up a little, or it'll just be way to tempting to try and ride him.  I did sit on him a few times for only a few minutes each time (shame on me...) both in the saddle and actually rode him around the round pen once or twice bareback!  Right now we're working on lunging, tricks, and ground driving - he'll be a pretty broke horse next time I decide to mount up!

To keep my attention while Flash grows up, I decided to look into getting a second horse.  Though a very scattered and diverse horse search, I eventually decided I liked Arabians and wanted to do endurance racing.  Soon after, Snickers and I found one another and clicked instantly.  Snickers is an AHA-registered pure Arabian with Crabbet and Egyptian breeding.  He's coming 7 this year and tops out at 15.1 hands.  He's a very bright chestnut with two identical white socks in the back and a tornado-looking star/stripe.  According to the vet, and his endurance riding wife, he's exactly what endurance riders look for and should make a wonderful endurance companion.  Unfortunately, having ridden only quarter horses and a paint, I could NOT get my seat on him sitting at a trot!  We'll have to work on that.  We have a lot to learn about one another, but I'm excited to get started and let our relationship grow.

As for me, I'm 22 years old (in a few weeks haha) and have always ridden western.  I did try English a few times, but the English saddle and I just didn't get along very well - not to say I won't give it a shot again in the (distant) future!  My first horse was a QH/TB cross retired from barrel racing, though he was the gentlest and most loving horse you could ask for.  My family always owned quarter horses (and only geldings!) since then, plus one paint they've had for 6-7 years, many of which I helped train under the direction of my dad.  I love the breed, but am also excited to branch out now with my own choice of horses (and colors - we've always just had bays!).  And horse breeds and colors aren't the only ways I want to branch out - I'm very excited to try a whole new sport (endurance) this year!  I showed in 4-H growing up and have done very well in western pleasure and even took first for reigning with a very special QH I really grew up with, Rocket.  I grew tired of the ring and technicalities of competition and decided I preferred the trail, so endurance is very exciting to me!  That, and the opportunity to train my colt, Flash, from scratch with my own methods, a mix of natural horsemanship and reinforced by clicker training.  Finally, I'm very happy married and have an amazing husband, Trevor, whose opinion of horses is that "they're big and think for themselves" and won't go any closer to them than he absolutely has to.  However, he loves seeing me ride and supports and cares about me and my horses :)

Well, now you know more about me and my two boys (plus a wonderful husband!).  I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures together!

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