Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, it looks like I need to come up with some money quick and switch my tack.  My fancy new (used) Western saddle doesn't fit him :(  My family's English saddle does, but I don't ride English!  It was hard enough to get my seat on Snickers in my western, but impossible in the English and I'm sore!

Which is another story... I didn't realize how different feeling Arabians are since I've always ridden quarter horses.  I can't remember when I couldn't sit the trot with ease.  Granted, Rocket is a very smooth and slow trotter, but even on Smoke 'Em, much faster and bumpier, I never have any trouble, even bareback!  But the first time I rode Snickers I was bouncing around and pulling my feet up and back just like I tell my students not to...  When I mentioned this on, another girl assured me not to worry - she had the same issue but got her seat within the first week.  By my third ride on Snickers, I was getting my seat ok with the Western saddle, but it's too long for his back so I will need to get something else before I really start riding him a lot, and especially before conditioning!  The English saddle just isn't going to work - I couldn't get my seat at a trot at ALL (though I did all right with my basic understanding of posting), and even if I did, I doubt I'd ever feel very secure on the trail in an English saddle.  What if something spooked Snickers?  In a Western I never panic and never even get jolted in my seat in the slightest (and Snickers has tested that a bit, both when he's spooked and once when he fell on the ice at a walk :S).  In an English, I bet I'd be on the ground in an instant.

So what to get?  After some research, I've decided I want an Abetta endurance saddle, and I'm told I definitely need to order one with an Arabian tree.  This is the one I've decided on.  Plus, for an extra $65 I can get a matching bridle, breast collar, and girth strap, so I'm all set to go!  I want a halter/bridle combo for endurance (This one), but I can definitely use the bridle from the saddle combo for Flash.  I'm getting everything in dark brown to match both Snickers and Flash.  Well, once I have the money... The saddle combo is going to cost $530 and the bridle is another $70 or so.

I didn't want to spend a lot more on tack right now without getting money from somewhere, so I finally put my piano up for sale. I never play it now anyway, but now my focus is going to be on the horses so I might as well use the piano money for the them.  Hopefully they sell soon so I can get the tack I need!

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