Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pain in the neck.

Literally. I can't turn my head to the left without feeling a strong pinch in the back of my neck on the lower left side. It hurts even more to the right :S

This about summarizes how I feel about working with my horses right now. Nothing is going right. Yesterday was sunny, but very windy, so I had to take a rain check on my lesson, which sucks because I'm going to be out of town next week so it'll be two more weeks until I can have a lesson. Urgh. When I pulled up, they looked cute as usual - which didn't give me any clue as to how frustrating the next hour or so was going to be.

Today was sunny and not quite as windy, and I decided I wasn't going to really work on anything and rather just enjoy my horse. I went out later in the afternoon and caught Snickers. I needed to check to see how much he was bridging, which Karen suggested to do by shining a flashlight up under the fenders. There wasn't a lot of light, so I think we're ok, but Snickers was dancing everywhere and it was really hard to see much sometimes. It got really discouraging, especially since I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing and looking for. By the time we were done, I was so frustrated with the saddle and him that it was just better to put him away.

Then I went and got Flash, who seemed happy to come, but then it was just downhill. I picked his feet, which was more or less ok but he still tried to pull his foot away a few times. I couldn't get him to hold still during saddling, so I had to move him to a different spot where he couldn't move as much.

Once he was saddled, I took him into the round pen and got on. All I wanted was an easy walk for a little bit. We didn't even make it around one time when he threw this at me:

I tried to ride him around the round pen afterward: 

But he was still acting like a punk so I got off and lunged him with the saddle, which immediately started as this: 

And then turned into this:

Which led to this: 

And I was getting really worried about my brand new saddle, but luckily I got him stopped after a bit and got it off.

 After that I just lunged him, and he was acting really sensitive. It was ok :S I couldn't get him to cool down very well, and of course he was all sweaty as usual. Finally, I brushed him down, and he seemed OK-ish but still somewhat wet. I really hope he's ok tonight :S There really wasn't a whole lot else I could do.

So then I put him away and gave them their beet pulp, then went home. Somewhere in all this, I realized my neck hurt, probably from whiplash. Lame. Oh well, the good news is my butt stuck in that saddle like glue - so I know I won't be going anywhere! I really hope someone can get out there soon and help me with the fit, so at least I don't have to worry about that anymore. I really hope something turns soon because this is really just miserable!


  1. Holy crap! That sounds like days I've had with certain horses! Just hang in there!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm holding off on riding until I can have a lesson since I'm just so frustrated with my issues with Snickers and I don't want another episode with Flash. Instead, we're going to be working from square one with ground work and respect so that he'll be ready to perform next time I decide to climb back up there :)