Tuesday, February 5, 2013

After my first lesson...

Copied from HorseForum.com:
I've ridden my entire life, but never actually took lessons. Recently, I came to the conclusion that my riding left a lot to be desired and found an instructor I love. We had our first lesson last Saturday, and I came away with my own conclusion that I'm doing nearly everything wrong (she was really fantastic about helping without making me feel bad). This is a bit discouraging, especially since I can't seem to make much progress one my own and get back to where we ended our lesson. I know this is just fine and I'm excited for my next lesson because I know I'll improve with each one. Lately, however, riding Snickers has been simply miserable between his attitude with the bit (I'll explain more in a moment), finding a saddle that fits, and just simply my riding being a mess.

In the meantime, I'm interested in what you all have to say about my riding. This is the second ride since my lesson, and I'm really struggling. My horse, Snickers does have a lot of trouble with the bit - I rode him bitless all last year and now have him in a 3-piece snaffle that is about as gentle as it gets. It's my instructor's opinion that he's getting bored and messing with the bit when he just needs to learn to accept it. Of course, my hands are another part of it - but he did seem to get somewhat better toward the end of our lesson.

The voice in the video is NOT my instructor but rather my boarder and a good friend. Please don't critique her comments - this is strictly about my riding.

Finally, I this is only my second time riding in this saddle and I'm still figuring out the best way to do the rigging and how I need to sit in it. It is a 16" whereas I need a 15", but this is what was available and I plan on adding a pad to the seat which should fix that.

Ok, well - have at it. I'm sure there's plenty to tear apart :)

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